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                                                    Date: July 2018


Family physicians


The Restigouche Hospital Centre (RHC), located in Campbellton, New Brunswick, is actively recruiting family physicians. In addition to providing physical care to patients, the successful applicants must have an interest in developing expertise in mental health. They will be required to work in collaboration with psychiatrists and multidisciplinary teams.

The Restigouche Hospital Centre is the provincial referral centre for forensic psychiatry. There is also a desire to develop specialized psychiatry programs and research. The RHC has a mission to teach various groups of professionals, including medical students. With clients from across the province, the RHC teams have a duty to share their knowledge with front-line and second line partners. All services are available in New Brunswick’s two official languages.

Treatment philosophy – The initial treatment plan is developed with the patient, taking into account the patient’s biopsychosocial factors and occupational aspirations. The attending team must review the plan regularly with an ultimate view to recovery and social reintegration. Once psychopathology is stabilized, the target length of stay for rehabilitation is approximately six months.

Overview of the RestigoucheHospital Centre – The RHC is a newly built facility that meets the highest standards in the country. This 120-bed hospital facility provides specialized forensic psychiatry services, evaluation and stabilization services for people with complex psychiatric problems, and a psychiatric rehabilitation program. Facilities include ultramodern patient care units, a year-round greenhouse, a music room, a state-of-the-art woodworking shop, a gymnasium, a fitness centre, and a year-round kennel where patients can bring their pets. Patients also have access to a hairdressing salon, clothing shop, coffee shop, and prayer room, and can obtain spiritual services.

Overview of Vitalité Health Network – Vitalité Health Network is one of the two regional health authorities in New Brunswick. The Network is the only Francophone managed organization of its kind in the country and provides services in nearly 70 sites and points of service throughout four health zones, covering all of the northern region and part of the southeastern region of the province. Care and services are provided in the official language chosen by the patient and are available at home, in the community, or in a facility, according to needs. Services include disease prevention and health promotion, rehabilitation, home care and palliative care. Additional services provided by hospital facilities include public health, addiction, and veterans' centres. The Network is also active in the training and research fields, which helps to keep the staff’s skills up to date and plan for succession. For more information, visit our website (


The incumbents will be remunerated based on qualifications and experience. The salary range is $181,116 to a maximum of $197,704 a year (excluding benefits and payroll deductions). On-call remuneration is on a fee-for-service basis.



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Set amidst the Appalachians, one of the country’s oldest mountain ranges, the Campbellton region is crisscrossed by several rivers, including the famous Restigouche River known worldwide for salmon fishing. These rivers flow to the Bay of Chaleur, which is also a member of The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club.

The greater Restigouche region was initially inhabited by theMi'kmaq First Nation, whose culture and traditions are still recognized today. Campbellton bears the cultural traces of its first settlers, i.e. the Scottish, English, French, and Irish, a cultural diversity that can still be seen today in and around the city. Campbellton is recognized for its quality of life, educational opportunities, and social and cultural diversity. The greater region rates highly with its sports facilities. The stunning landscape is appreciated by both observers and the most intrepid outdoor enthusiasts. There is something for every taste and each season has its own charms. To learn more about Campbellton, visit the city’s website (

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